Cliodna McNulty



St Mary’s Hospital, London University


MB, BS; FRCPathology

Work History:

I have been a consultant medical microbiologist for 25 years

Current Job:

I head the Public Health England Primary Care Unit in Gloucester. Our remit is to optimise the management of infections in Primary Care


Public Health England

My Interview

Tell us about your work on antimicrobial resistance?

I lead on the development of National antibiotic guidance for GPs, the TARGET antibiotic resources and the school e-Bug resources

How does your work make things better for patients?

We have developed a leaflet for GP staff to share with patients about antibiotic use, and also hope the guidance helps to optimise the treatment of infections for patients

What are the best 3 things you've seen in Primary Healthcare to combat antimicrobial resistance?

Localisation of the TARGET leaflet into a tear off A5 format is really useful. The When should I Worry booklet for parents and carers of young children is excellent. The Listen to Your Gut campaign in Devon is fun and has reduced antibiotic use in the area.